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Find swing bands for hire on Hop Till You Drop :- Trad ... Dixie ... Mainstream ... Swing ... Bebop ... from laid-back and relaxed to sassy and upbeat, there is a style of jazz to suit every mood. Whatever the occasion, elegance and style is the watchword here.

Swing Jazz Band for your wedding ceremony and reception, birthday party, anniversary, corporate event, corporate product launch, trade show, fund raiser, charity, or any special event entertainment need in London, Plymouth, Southampton, Cardiff, Bath, Bristol, Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Stoke On Trent, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Bradford, Leeds, Hull, Sunderland, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Edinburgh, Glasgow and the rest of the UK.

The Hop Till You Drop team is only too happy to talk through the logistics of your particular occasion with you. You can call free from a UK landline on 0800 316 2175. To use free mobile minutes call 0333 400 8115. You're outside the UK? No worries! Call +44 1373 830806 or check prices via our convenient “get a quote” facility.

  • 78rpm

    78rpm Region: London
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    78rpm present Ratpack, Swing and Jazz classics, all served up with stylish vocals and supreme musicianship. Impeccably turned out, this band is perfect for weddings, social occasions and corporate receptions ... more >
  • Bernard Wight Jazz And Swing

    Bernard Wight Jazz And Swing Region: Bath
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    Transport yourself back to the era of the Big Bands, when Swing and Jazz ruled the airwaves. Then was that Golden Age of 'The Great American Songbook' - brought to you afresh by the Bernard Wight Sextet ... more >
  • Boulevard Swing Jazz

    Boulevard Swing Jazz Region: Bristol
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    Just the thing to bring a smile to the lips and a bounce to the step! It's that glamorous, romantic era when the suavely-attired 'crooner' was king, with wit, warmth and good helpings of joy very much in evidence ... more >
  • Cookin' Pots

    Cookin' Pots Region: Sheffield
    Style: Jazz Band
    A sharply-presented and sophisticated-sounding vocal-led combo performing a classy mixture of cool swing and danceable Latin-American, Cookin' Pots lend a stylish edge of quality to grace any social occasion ... more >
  • Dave Murrell Swing Jazz Band

    Dave Murrell Swing Jazz Band Region: West Sussex
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    Dave Murrell's full-on swing jazz quintet? Saxophone, piano, double-bass, guitar and drums is the standard line-up, with each instrument invited to step out into the spotlight and take its turn to 'stride out in style' ... more >
  • Django Gypsies

    Django Gypsies Region: Bristol
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    Showcasing saxophone/clarinet, double-bass and guitar, the Django Gypsies present a sophisticated version of the Parisian-style 'Hot Club' Swing Jazz genre performed with Eastern European verve and panache ... more >
  • El Diablo Jazz

    El Diablo Jazz Region: Birmingham
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    Caracas pianist Edgar Macias infuses the searing heat and humidity of Venezuela into the music of El Diablo. Smouldering Latin cross-rhythms and prominent percussion give the ensemble its distinctive sound ... more >
  • Fascinating Rhythm

    Fascinating Rhythm Region: Bristol
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    Vintage Swing Jazz will bring the '20s, '30s and '40s vividly to life. Light-hearted, very listenable and extremely danceable - ideal music for a stylish wedding reception, themed birthday party or family celebrations ... more >
  • Five Star Swing

    Five Star Swing Region: London
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    Stylish, authentic musical arrangements are the hallmark of Five Star Swing. When this eight-piece Little Big Band step out in style, Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra and Shirley Bassey come to life before your eyes ... more >
  • Ian Towers: Swing Jazz

    Ian Towers: Swing Jazz Region: Bristol
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    Ian's dulcet tones are a perfect vehicle for the wonderful Broadway songs that Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby made their own in that unrepeatable, glitzy, glamorous, Golden Hollywood Era of the '30s and '40s ... more >
  • Jazz It Up

    Jazz It Up Region: London
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    Looking for a funky Swing Jazz band with added raunchy Rock 'n' Roll and sleek, smooth Soul? Talented four-piece Jazz It Up presents all this plus their very own take on Motown standards and Pop favourites ... more >
  • Jazzification

    Jazzification Region: London
    Style: Jazz Band
    Versatility and flexibility are major watchwords as this talented ensemble sashays seamlessly between genres, from laid-back romantic ballads through Blues to Latin, Bebop, Swing - even up-front Soul and Funk ... more >
  • Jeremy Huggett's Band Of Gold

    Jeremy Huggett's Band Of Gold Region: Devon
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    Bravura saxophone is the hallmark of Jeremy Huggett's Band Of Gold. Like honey or golden syrup when the mood suits, Jeremy's sax opens up into soaring rip-roaring riffs in the more upbeat dance numbers ... more >
  • Jive Kats

    Jive Kats Region: Kent
    Style: Swing and Jazz
    Bringing vintage swing to life, supplemented by classic jive and rock'n'roll hits, these five legendary wiseguys know exactly how to bring a party ambience from times long past straight to the modern dancefloor ... more >
  • Kai Hoffman Jazz Quartet

    Kai Hoffman Jazz Quartet Region: London
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    The Kai Hoffman Quartet can present a beguiling selection of classic Swing standards, well-observed vintage 1920s Jazz and a brilliant, effervescent session of Jive that will have you all dancing your socks off ... more >
  • La Belle De Paris

    La Belle De Paris Region: Brighton
    Style: Parisian/French Jazz
    La Belle De Paris, a 2 - 5 piece accordéon-based vintage swing jazz band from Brighton showcasing a simply sensational French chanteuse, perform a delightful mix of classic chanson and Parisian swing jazz ... more >
  • Le Café Jazz

    Le Café Jazz Region: Bath
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    Meet Le Café Jazz - a group of musicians with a shared passion for styles that cross genre boundaries - from Parisian Swing Jazz through Traditional Celtic to Acoustic Blues and even American Country Rock ... more >
  • MSQ Swing Jazz Band

    MSQ Swing Jazz Band Region: Edinburgh
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    It is in no small measure the sheer quality of Maria's vocal delivery that enables this excellent swing quintet to stand apart from the crowd. Sit back, and allow her creamy and luxurious voice to wrap around you ... more >
  • Opus One Swing Band

    Opus One Swing Band Region: Somerset
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    With an exhaustive repertoire of foot-stomping classics delivered in their distinctive swinging style, Opus One present their exhilarating programme of music for dancing. This is Big Band Swing at its very best! ... more >
  • Oscar's Swing Jazz Band

    Oscar's Swing Jazz Band Region: Manchester
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    Carefully-crafted arrangements are the hallmarks of Oscar's Swing Jazz Band, offering keyboard, saxophone, double-bass and drums each the opportunity to step into the spotlight in style as the music unfolds ... more >
  • Piccadilly Dance Orchestra

    Piccadilly Dance Orchestra Region: London
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    The Piccadilly Dance Orchestra are proud to present arguably the greatest dance music of all time - a studied selection of the best tunes of the Jazz Age, not to mention the 'Ratpack' classics of the Swing era ... more >
  • Prestige

    Prestige Region: London
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    To balance and complement keyboard, guitar, double-bass and drums, throw in two saxophones, a trumpet and an occasional flute. The variety in the repertoire and the texture of sound produced are simply huge! ... more >
  • Sharp 7 Swing Jazz Band

    Sharp 7 Swing Jazz Band Region: Birmingham
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    Sharp 7 are a young and dynamic swing jazz band based in Birmingham, revisiting the heady glitz and glamour of the Golden Age of Hollywood and Broadway and performing the very best Vintage swing jazz hits ... more >
  • Some Like It Hot Swing Jazz

    Some Like It Hot Swing Jazz Region: Northampton
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    Roll back the years to the magical time when Frank Sinatra and Nat 'King' Cole were the undisputed superstars of popular music. As Hollywood and Broadway adopt the songwriting giants, you've got Swing Jazz ... more >
  • Symphony Sid And The Swing Kings

    Symphony Sid And The Swing Kings Region: Swansea
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    Symphony Sid And The Swing Kings capture and command the limelight with a vigorous vocal-led performance that makes all those classic favourites from the iconic Hollywood era leap into life before your eyes ... more >
  • The Jazz Gals

    The Jazz Gals Region: London
    Style: Jazz Band
    The Jazz Gals deliver a sophisticated piano keyboard and vocal duet, performing classic pop songs, jazz and swing classics and vintage romantic ballads. Extra musicians can be added to create a more upbeat quartet or quintet if preferred. ... more >
  • The Jazz Swingers

    The Jazz Swingers Region: London
    Style: Jazz Band
    If you’re looking for a really authentic-sounding jump-jive band, or a versatile swing outfit that also include soul and pop classics in their dance-set, then The Jazz Swingers should be top of your wish-list. ... more >
  • The Jazzman

    The Jazzman Region: London
    Style: Jazz Band
    The Jazzman is one of the UK’s most in-demand singer/pianists. Either solo, or accompanied by his band, he’s been wowing audiences with his natural, soulful voice and a repertoire of his arrangements of jazz, blues and soul classics. ... more >
  • The Lambeth Swing

    The Lambeth Swing Region: Bristol
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    The Lambeth Swing presents the very best of the genre featuring Bath's no.1 jazz vocalist, James Lambeth. All those favourites are included - look forward to the Great American Songbook, both sung and swung! ... more >
  • The Morellos

    The Morellos Region: London
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    The Morellos conjure up and revitalise the excitement and energy of night-time Montmartre. A violin, guitar and double-bass trio, their musical style features melodic blends of Parisian Swing and Mainstream Jazz ... more >
  • The Swing Set

    The Swing Set Region: London
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    The Swing Set presents a unique blend of favourite 'Ratpack' swing and jazz standards from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Classy arrangements recreate the unmistakeable sound of a Glenn Miller-style Big Band ... more >
  • Ultraswing

    Ultraswing Region: Brighton
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    Since forming in 1995, Ultraswing has rapidly become one of the UK's most firmly established and experienced Swing jazz bands, presenting Parisian Hot Club favourites with a distinctive European gypsy flavour ... more >
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