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Looking for wedding music or a wedding band to hire in Devon? Pop bands, soul bands, jazz bands, ceilidh bands, Irish bands, Caribbean steel bands, African djembe and kora ... all are available. Use our unique post code search feature to find bands near your event location, then check prices via our convenient “get a quote” facility.

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            Bands, Caribbean Steel Bands and Classical Ensembles in London for Camden, Hackney, Barking, Greenwich, Lewisham, Croydon, Kingston, Hammersmith, Ealing and Wembley.

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  • 60s Forever

    60s Forever Region: Dorset
    Style: Tribute Band
    With all the individual flair and panache that only Sixties music and fashion could acquire, this four piece tribute group deliver the quality sound that defined British music for a generation, from the Beatles through The Beach Boys to Elvis - The King himself. ... more >
  • ABBAGirls

    ABBAGirls Region: London
    Style: Tribute Band
    With superb singing, terrific stage-presence and wonderfully glamorous costumes, it's no great surprise that the ABBAGirls stageshow has rapidly become one of the biggest popular UK spectacles of recent times ... more >
  • ACDarts African Drums And Dance

    ACDarts African Drums And Dance Region: London
    Style: African Band
    African drums, energetic choreography and colourful costumes get both young and old clapping and dancing along to a fusion of exotic rhythm and evocative melody, creating an exciting carnival atmosphere ... more >
  • Abba Alive

    Abba Alive Region: Wiltshire
    Style: Tribute Band
    Abba Alive presents a superb four-piece tribute to the smash-hit '70s band Abba. Complete with authentic costumes, lightshow and disco-style music in the breaks, it all adds up to a splendid evening's entertainment. ... more >
  • Alfie Kingston Duo

    Alfie Kingston Duo Region: Bristol
    Style: Acoustic Band
    An acoustic rock and pop duo performing a variety of music from the 1960s to the 2010s. Perfect for weddings, family parties, social functions and corporate events, they can provide a versatile DJ service as well ... more >
  • All Shook Up

    All Shook Up Region: Bristol
    Style: Covers Band
    With a combination of superb backing tracks, excellent harmony singing and great presentation, All Shook Up can take you on a meandering musical trip from vintage '50s pop classics through to the present day ... more >
  • Arizona Storm

    Arizona Storm Region: Birmingham
    Style: Country Band
    A top-quality band performing a range of classic Country and contemporary 'Americana' music, plus samples of their own original material, Arizona Storm will deliver an authentic and genuine Country experience ... more >
  • Backbeat Beatles

    Backbeat Beatles Region: Liverpool
    Style: Tribute Band
    The Backbeat Beatles recapture the fresh enthusiasm of the early 'Fab Four' at their brilliant best. These guys present a show which is so musically and stylistically authentic, it's much more than simply a tribute ... more >
  • Backing-Track Barn Dance

    Backing-Track Barn Dance Region: Devon
    Style: Barndance Band
    Performing solo with pre-recorded music on backing tracks, this professional, well-practised specialist dance-caller offers an extremely cost-effective ceilidh or barndance, suitable for beginners or experts alike ... more >
  • Black Velvet Band

    Black Velvet Band Region: Bath
    Style: Ceilidh and Irish
    Black Velvet Band presents Irish, Scottish, English and American songs and dance-tunes (even line-dances), tailoring their style to suit the event, and can round the night off with a rousing folky, rocky pop mix ... more >
  • Blazing Saddles

    Blazing Saddles Region: Bath
    Style: Line Dancing Band
    Blazing Saddles are simply the best ‘fun’ Wild West Theme Band there is! So get out your kerchiefs and yank on your cowboy boots for a slice of real live country entertainment as American as Mom's apple pie ... more >
  • Blue Velvet

    Blue Velvet Region: Bath
    Style: Country Band
    No matter whether it's Frank Sinatra or Elvis, The BeeGees or The Beach Boys that turns you on, what better way is there to celebrate any occasion than with a selection of your very own favourite hit songs? ... more >
  • Boulevard Swing Jazz

    Boulevard Swing Jazz Region: Bristol
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    Just the thing to bring a smile to the lips and a bounce to the step! It's that glamorous, romantic era when the suavely-attired 'crooner' was king, with wit, warmth and good helpings of joy very much in evidence ... more >
  • Bristol Klezmer Band

    Bristol Klezmer Band Region: Bristol
    Style: Klezmer and Jewish
    The Bristol Klezmer Band can offer a trio of strolling gypsy musicians for drinks receptions, or a dynamic five or six-piece outfit fronted by soaring saxophone, clarinet and trombone for dancing later in the evening ... more >
  • Burlesque Belles: Showgirl Dance Troupe

    Burlesque Belles: Showgirl Dance Troupe Region: Bristol
    Style: Burlesque Dancer
    This professionally-trained, highly talented troupe of female dancers specialise in performing their frivolous, flirtatious Can-Can or raunchy Burlesque Revue shows in a wide variety of venues around the UK ... more >
  • Burlesque Belles: Vintage Dance Troupe

    Burlesque Belles: Vintage Dance Troupe Region: Bristol
    Style: Burlesque Dancer
    Burlesque Belles Vintage Dance Troupe evoke the festive spirit and style of a bygone era with their sparkling cabaret routines showcasing displays of a variety of retro dance-genres spanning the 20th century ... more >
  • Bygonz

    Bygonz Region: Gloucestershire
    Style: Medieval Entertainment (Historic Vintage)
    This fife, tabor and hurdy-gurdy duo provide the perfect accompaniment for medieval themed events! ... more >
  • Cardiff Steel Pan

    Cardiff Steel Pan Region: Cardiff
    Style: Steel Band
    Cardiff Steel Pan will import a Caribbean carnival atmosphere to your drinks reception or party. As a duo or trio working with backing tracks, they perform a lively mix of Reggae, Ska, Calypso and popular music ... more >
  • Classic String Quartet

    Classic String Quartet Region: Bath
    Style: String Quartet
    This group of musicians is led by Mike Evans, who first explored the lighter side of the classical repertoire during his years in the world-famous Pump Room. Hire this Bristol string quartet for your wedding or event. ... more >
  • Dance On

    Dance On Region: Bristol
    Style: Pop Band
    With a diverse, ever-expanding repertoire of Disco, Soul or Motown favourites plus a back-catalogue of classic Pop both old and new, including recent chart hits. Dance On magically brings each era back to life ... more >
  • Devon All-Star Jazz Band

    Devon All-Star Jazz Band Region: Devon
    Style: Trad and Dixieland Jazz Band
    The Devon All-Star Jazz Band breathes fresh life into Trad, Dixieland and Swing Jazz favourites, so you can expect a dynamic, high-energy performance that is not only musically excellent but also full of fun ... more >
  • Don't Tell The Bride

    Don't Tell The Bride Region: Bath
    Style: Pop Band
    A young, professional, acoustic wedding and events band based in the South West who specialise in delivering a personally tailored service, playing songs you want to hear in their own unique contemporary style ... more >
  • Firefly

    Firefly Region: Gloucestershire
    Style: Pop Band
    Atmospheric keyboards, soaring guitar riffs and highly effective harmony vocals generate that trademark Firefly sound, relentlessly driven along by bass and drums, solidly underpinned by a toe-tapping disco beat ... more >
  • Five Star Swing

    Five Star Swing Region: London
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    Stylish, authentic musical arrangements are the hallmark of Five Star Swing. When this eight-piece Little Big Band step out in style, Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra and Shirley Bassey come to life before your eyes ... more >
  • Frampton Footwarmers

    Frampton Footwarmers Region: Bristol
    Style: Trad and Dixieland Jazz Band
    The Frampton Footwarmers will bring you an invigorating transfusion of Trad Jazz from way down South at its toe-tapping best. It's carefree, sunshine music that puts a skip in the step and a smile on your face ... more >
  • Frank Sinatra Ultimate Tribute Band

    Frank Sinatra Ultimate Tribute Band Region: London
    Style: Tribute Band
    With over three decades of acclaimed stage appearances in London theatres and prestigious venues in the UK, David Alacey has all the experience necessary to create and deliver his fine tribute to Frank Sinatra ... more >
  • Funk Machine

    Funk Machine Region: Bristol
    Style: Funk Band
    Funk Machine is in all probability the answer to your prayers. This young, thrusting five-piece band performs a mixture of all the best dance tracks from the '70s to now with energy, commitment, verve and style ... more >
  • Fuse

    Fuse Region: London
    Style: Pop Band
    Reach back over time to the 1950s, when the phenomenon of youth culture and the modern pop revolution got going in earnest. Each successive decade since has brought forth a fresh crop of truly great songs ... more >
  • Gary Grace Sinatra Tribute Band

    Gary Grace Sinatra Tribute Band Region: London
    Style: Tribute Band
    Want the glamour, excitement and razzmatazz of Frank Sinatra - Ol' Blue Eyes himself - for your celebration party or social event? A veteran of the London cabaret and theatre scene, Gary Grace is your man ... more >
  • Hammervilles

    Hammervilles Region: Somerset
    Style: Rock Band
    Bringing rock anthems from across the decades to the stage, this Somerset rock band provides a performance full of enthusiasm and joy that is guaranteed to keep the dance floor filled throughout the evening. ... more >
  • Ian Towers: Pop '50s - '00s

    Ian Towers: Pop '50s - '00s Region: Bristol
    Style: Pop Band
    No matter whether it's for your wedding reception, an anniversary dinner or a birthday celebration, 'Top of The Pops' is a great musical backdrop for a party ... and Ian Towers is just the man to present it for you ... more >
  • Ian Towers: Swing Jazz

    Ian Towers: Swing Jazz Region: Bristol
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    Ian's dulcet tones are a perfect vehicle for the wonderful Broadway songs that Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby made their own in that unrepeatable, glitzy, glamorous, Golden Hollywood Era of the '30s and '40s ... more >
  • Indian Sitar & Tabla Duo

    Indian Sitar & Tabla Duo Region: Gloucestershire
    Style: Indian Band
    If you’re looking to add a touch of exotic glamour to a special occasion, or are planning an Eastern-themed event, then Indian Sitar Duo may well fit the bill. The duo combines the instruments most commonly associated with the Indian tradition, sitar and tablas. ... more >
  • Jalikunda African Drums

    Jalikunda African Drums Region: Bristol
    Style: African Band
    Jalikunda presents a blend of West African melody and rhythm, with the rippling harp-like sounds of the kora and hand-held djembe drums generating mesmerising cross-rhythms that will set the pulses racing ... more >
  • Jamma De Samba

    Jamma De Samba Region: Bath
    Style: Samba Band
    Importing the pulsating, vibrant rhythms of Brazilian Carnival to the UK, this scaled-down version of a Samba troupe is designed to bring those infectious Latin beats to indoor events or more intimate occasions ... more >
  • Jeremy Huggett's Band Of Gold

    Jeremy Huggett's Band Of Gold Region: Devon
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    Bravura saxophone is the hallmark of Jeremy Huggett's Band Of Gold. Like honey or golden syrup when the mood suits, Jeremy's sax opens up into soaring rip-roaring riffs in the more upbeat dance numbers ... more >
  • King Ceilidh Barndance Band

    King Ceilidh Barndance Band Region: Portsmouth
    Style: Barndance Band
    King Ceilidh deliver an energetic, fun-filled session of traditional country dancing that everybody can enjoy. A rip-roaring assortment of jigs, reels, polkas and hornpipes will have all your guests up on their feet! ... more >
  • La Cuba Ritmo

    La Cuba Ritmo Region: London
    Style: Salsa Band
    With swinging rhythms and skipping beats that lift the sound, Cuban music is powerhouse of cheerful energy. No-one can stay in their seats for long when La Cuba Ritmo strikes up - it's salsa music perfection ... more >
  • Le Café Jazz

    Le Café Jazz Region: Bath
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    Meet Le Café Jazz - a group of musicians with a shared passion for styles that cross genre boundaries - from Parisian Swing Jazz through Traditional Celtic to Acoustic Blues and even American Country Rock ... more >
  • Marie-France Riboulet

    Marie-France Riboulet Region: Bristol
    Style: Harpist
    Welcome to the enchanted world of that sumptuous phenomenon that is an orchestra within itself, the concert harp. Marie-France Riboulet will take you on a magical trip into a supranational musical wonderland ... more >
  • Melegari String Quartet

    Melegari String Quartet Region: Cornwall
    Style: String Quartet
    With an extensive repertoire which includes classics and arrangements of popular tunes, the Melegari String Quartet is available for weddings, social events and private parties in the South West and beyond ... more >
  • Midnight Ramble Ceili Band

    Midnight Ramble Ceili Band Region: Somerset
    Style: Ceilidh and Irish
    This experienced four or five-piece perform an engaging mix of Irish songs and tunes. The four-piece includes a ceili-caller for organised dancing, and the five-piece presents a raunchy set of American Country/Pop ... more >
  • Opus One Swing Band

    Opus One Swing Band Region: Somerset
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    With an exhaustive repertoire of foot-stomping classics delivered in their distinctive swinging style, Opus One present their exhilarating programme of music for dancing. This is Big Band Swing at its very best! ... more >
  • Piccadilly Dance Orchestra

    Piccadilly Dance Orchestra Region: London
    Style: Swing Jazz Band
    The Piccadilly Dance Orchestra are proud to present arguably the greatest dance music of all time - a studied selection of the best tunes of the Jazz Age, not to mention the 'Ratpack' classics of the Swing era ... more >
  • Plymouth Trad Jazz

    Plymouth Trad Jazz Region: Devon
    Style: Trad and Dixieland Jazz Band
    Plymouth Trad Jazz presents the very best of that seminal New Orleans and Dixieland repertoire. It's a joyful, strutting, sunshine sound that is absolutely perfect for wedding celebrations and other family parties ... more >
  • Ponchartrain

    Ponchartrain Region: Bristol
    Style: Country Band
    There's one thing you can be quite sure of with Country Music - it comes from the heart. Expect Ponchartrain to transport you over the big pond and right down to that little bar in Nashville where it's all happening! ... more >
  • Premier Brass

    Premier Brass Region: London
    Style: Marching Band
    Premier Brass supply a fanfare team for every occasion. Whether it's an awards ceremony, banquet or product launch, these superbly-drilled musicians will enhance the event and add a distinct ceremonial touch ... more >
  • Real Steel

    Real Steel Region: Plymouth
    Style: Steel Band
    Performing their unique, homespun genre of music conceived in the joyful atmosphere of the Trinidad Carnival, Caribbean musicians play sunshine sounds with a genuine holiday feel - Real Steel is no exception ... more >
  • Shama

    Shama Region: London
    Style: Indian Band
    Shama leads a versatile Indian band who bring the exotic spectacle and sensual flavour of Bollywood music to the world fusion stage through their vivid, unique presentations and exciting, colourful performances! ... more >
  • Soul For Sale

    Soul For Sale Region: Plymouth
    Style: Soul Band
    Giving evergreen pop classics a Motown twist, Soul For Sale is an energetic eight-piece party band that looks every bit as good as it sounds. Look forward to a full dancefloor all night - signed, sealed, delivered! ... more >
  • Soul Station

    Soul Station Region: Bristol
    Style: Soul Band
    Catering for all occasions, Soul Station is a high-energy party band with a ripping horn section. Be it a wedding reception, birthday bash, family celebration or a corporate event, these guys could be perfect for you ... more >
  • Soul'd Up

    Soul'd Up Region: London
    Style: Soul Band
    Commanding a massive repertoire of dancefloor-fillers, Soul'd Up perform the very best of soul, funk and disco classics from the '60s right up to the present day, and are available in either a 5,6 or 7-piece line-up ... more >
  • Souled Out

    Souled Out Region: Bristol
    Style: Soul Band
    Huge reserves of energy and solid musical skills are the foundations of the Souled Out experience. With a huge repertoire of Soul and Motown favourites, these guys have what it takes to really get the party going ... more >
  • Spill The Whiskey

    Spill The Whiskey Region: Bath
    Style: Ceilidh Band
    Spill The Whiskey are one of the most versatile bands around. Superb Celtic music featuring Irish and Scottish songs and dancetunes, together with an experienced dance-caller to organise a ceilidh or barndance ... more >
  • Strings Bollywood Band

    Strings Bollywood Band Region: London
    Style: Indian Band
    Founded in 1994 by international singer Anuradha Shukla and music producer Kiran Thakrar, Strings Bollywood Band has steadily become the foremost exponent in the UK of Bollywood in its purely musical form ... more >
  • Strings Sitar Fusion Band

    Strings Sitar Fusion Band Region: London
    Style: Indian Band
    Sitar melody and tabla rhythms sit at the centre of the sound, with keyboard completing a trio for larger events. Additionally, either male or female voice can readily be included as a focal centrepiece if appropriate ... more >
  • The Groove

    The Groove Region: London
    Style: Pop Band
    Take two versatile singers, one blessed with excellent keyboard skills and the other an accomplished guitarist, throw in a tasty drummer, stir thoroughly, and you have all the ingredients for a superb party combo ... more >
  • The Porter Boys

    The Porter Boys Region: Bristol
    Style: Irish Band
    Expect superb, characterful harmony vocals that might give The Dubliners a run for their money - driven along by tasty guitar and banjo and topped with lashings of fine fiddle and the odd trill of a penny whistle ... more >
  • The Severn Jazzmen

    The Severn Jazzmen Region: Bristol
    Style: Trad and Dixieland Jazz Band
    Bright, lively and full of fun, Trad Jazz captures the spirit of turn-of-the-century New Orleans at its bustling best. It's a life-affirming mix of toe-tapping tunes, drawing its inspiration from Blues, Gospel and Ragtime ... more >
  • The Somerset Hillbillies

    The Somerset Hillbillies Region: Somerset
    Style: Country Band
    Performing a variety of American country classics from the '50s onwards, The Somerset Hillbillies are a six-piece outfit. The perfect option for a cowboy themed event, these folks simply love to bring a smile to your face and a spring to your step! ... more >
  • The Two Of Us

    The Two Of Us Region: Wiltshire
    Style: 1940s Band
    The Two Of Us concoct the perfect mix for an elegant drinks reception with a sophisticated set of romantic songs, performed either with backing tracks or accompanied by a live swing jazz ensemble. ... more >
  • Vintage Piano Trio

    Vintage Piano Trio Region: Bath
    Style: Pianist
    A versatile musician, veteran performer of diverse genres of music, Mike first encountered the Classical 'Top Ten' while entertaining visitors to the world-famous city of Bath as leader of The Pump Room Trio ... more >
  • Viva Zapata

    Viva Zapata Region: London
    Style: Salsa Band
    Viva Zapata's eclectic presentation of Latin-American music is passionate, dynamic and eminently danceable. Look forward to the characteristically hot-blooded tempos of Cuban Salsa or the Brazilian Lambada ... more >
  • Waytes And Measures

    Waytes And Measures Region: Gloucestershire
    Style: Medieval Entertainment (Historic Vintage)
    Waytes And Measures perform traditional music from the Medieval and Tudor periods on authentic instruments. This quintet is a perfect choice for medieval banquets, re-enactments, concerts and themed events ... more >
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